Northern Territory Bridge Association

The NTBA is a not-for-profit association that supports and promotes bridge in the Northern Territory on behalf of its members - the four affiliated NT bridge clubs: Arafura, Darwin, Palmerston and Alice Springs.

The affiliated clubs direct the association through their membership of Council, which generally meets twice yearly. Day-to-day affairs are dealt with by its Management and Tournament Committees.

What does it do?

The NTBA is the vital link between clubs and their players and the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF, see below). Its functions include:

  1. Supporting bridge in the NT by running NT Championship events and selecting representatives for interstate events - like the annual Grand National Open Teams and paying the entry fee (about $1,000).
  2. Providing prize money of $1500/pair to enable the winners of the annual NT Butler Pairs Championship to attend any interstate gold-pointed event in the following 24 (normally 12) months.
  3. Providing $500 annually to allow an Alice Springs pair to participate in an event as above or similar event in Darwin.
  4. Providing $350 to each member of an NT team competing in the annual Australian National Championships and paying their entry fee.
  5. Representing the NT on the ABF Council (which has 2 Councillors from each State and Territory) and contributing to the work of its numerous committees.
  6. Running the annual Territory Gold Bridge Festival (under licence from the ABF), allowing all Territory players to meet their interstate bridge-playing friends at reasonable cost.
  7. Running weekly Saturday Bridge sessions to encourage entry to its red-pointed Championship and selection events.

To do these things, it raises money from its affiliate clubs in the form of affiliation fees (normally $17 per capita per annum).  This is the only regular income, as it aims to run Saturday Bridge on a break-even basis.  The above expenditures are sustainable only because the Territory Gold Bridge Festival normally runs at a profit.

Further information is available on the membership of Council, the Management Committee and the Tournament Committee, while you can also download a copy of the NTBA Constitution.

Postal address is GPO Box 2101, Darwin, NT 0801.

What does the Australian Bridge Federation do?

The ABF raises money from clubs in the form of annual capitation fees ($16.10/player expected in 2021) and also from the Masterpoint system.  The benefits for players are:

  1. Comprehensive Public Liability and Volunteer Worker insurance for all affiliated clubs.
  2. A Masterpoint scheme for all affiliated clubs (billing them directly for the service).
  3. On application by clubs, direct financial support for marketing and promotion, teaching, training for directors, visiting speakers, etc.
  4. Financial assistance to enable players from every State and Territory to attend the annual Grand National Open Teams (free air fares to Coolangatta) and the ANC Restricted Butler Pairs ($2,000 value per pair).
  5. Selection and support for Australia’s representatives at international tournaments.
  6. Regular on-line tournaments for all players through the BBO website (initiated recently).